Mysterious Bed Bites – Bed Bugs?

If you are experiencing bites in your bed while you sleep,  you have to consider that bed bugs are the source.   Bed bugs are getting a lot of attention and rightfully so,  but all bites you get in bed may not necessarily be from bed bugs: fleas, mosquitoes and even spiders can be possible sources.  However, you must rule out bed bugs as the consequences of a bed bug infestations are severe.

Bed Bugs usually bit in threes but not necessarily.  The inflammation from the bites varies from individual to  individual,  some people swell up badly while others bites are barely discernible.

Picture of Bed Bug Bites

Bed Bug Bites



Bed Bug Bite Up Close

Bed Bug Bite Up Close

Bed bugs often leave blood smears on your bed and black pepper spray  fecal matter on your sheets.

Bed Bug Blood Smears on Sheet

Bed Bug Blood Smears on Sheet

They usually feed, on you , from 2 AM to 4AM and inject you with anesthetic so you don’t wake up while they are biting you.   So you are not likely to see them or feel them.

They are also very adapt at hiding but do like to me next to where they feed on you,  i.e. the head of the bed.

Bed Bug infestations can grow rapidly as the  female bed bug only needs to be impregnated once and she can lay eggs for a year.  Bed Bugs are very hard to get rid of and natural methods are limited;   You will likely have to contact a pest control company and that can take up to five treatments as they cannot spray the bed and only use less powerful pesticides.  It is expensive to get rid of bed bugs and takes a psychological and emotional toll on you  as you live out of plastic bags and dread going to bed fearing more bites.  There is no where to hide once they are in your house, they will follow you around the house if you move where you sleep like the couch as they hone in on your body heat and the CO2 you emit.  No kidding they are almost the perfect bug.

Please take them seriously and and take action:

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Signs of Bed Bug Bites in Bed

The bite of a bed bug is more or less like a mosquito bite. An individual who is bitten by a bed bug will have a red welt in the bitten area. The bites generally occur in vertical line of three which is called as the breakfast, lunch and dinner formation. However these welts might or might not itch depending on the lag time between the actual bite and the onset of the bed bug. The lag time last up to nine days. The more bites an individual sustain the shorter the time for the individual to show up symptoms of a bug bite.

A bug bite symptom is so harmless that even doctors can misunderstand it to be a skin disorder like scabies or a simple rash. The more the individual scratch the bitten area the more the risk of infection. It is believed that bed bugs do not carry infectious disease or viral bacteria, however this remains unresolved. If the individuals identify a breakfast, lunch and dinner formation on the skin it is better to consult a doctor immediately. Bed bugs do not only live in beds they also live in places which is more frequently used and where they could find fresh food sources.

The bed bug bite is generally sensed only after one hour of the bite. But in few people it can be sensed only after few days in rare cases only after few weeks. This is because appearance of rashes depends on the body’s reaction to the chemicals present in the bug’s saliva. Rashes are generally identified to be small red and round bump which can swell even more as time pass by. This rash can also spread all over the body, which is an clear indication that the individual is completely infested by the bug bite.

In few individuals the rashes appear to be more or less like a sequential bite mark. The sequential bite mark appears in individual who constantly move around while sleeping.  It is therefore better to look for red welts in the body which might or might not itch. Sometimes the welts in few individual will remain swollen and will not heal quickly. Bed bug bite symptoms are generally small and are hard to identify. If these signs are left unnoticed or overlooked it might worsen the health condition of the individual. Immediate medical attention must be given to individuals who are affected with bed bug bites.

One of the most common ways that bed bugs enter someone’s home is that they are brought home with them when they travel and pick them up in hotel and motel rooms.

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